Top 5 Seo Tools For Bloggers

Top 5 Tools For Bloggers To Help In SEO

Top 5 Seo Tools For Bloggers: Hello Dosto, if you are also a blogger or are thinking about starting blogging, then our tools mentioned today are going to be very useful for you because it is most important for websites or blogs. Traffic and you will get traffic from search engine only when you tag some important tool, yes friends, today I am going to tell you about some such tools which you can use in any search engine first or top five in your post. All the tools you can rank for Area will know about it, I am going to come here to tell you about on Top Five Tools for SEO that use by you may even rank your post |

1:- Google Search Console-

Google Search Console is a free service created by Google, this service is absolutely free. Using this service, you can check the status of indexing of blogs or websites, that is, you can find out how many blogs in your blog. There have been indexes and how many have not been indexed. And you can optimize your blog by using this tool, along with this tool also tells about the error of your blog. This tool is also known as the webmaster tool.

Advantages of using this tool: –

  • You can submit site measurements of your blog or website by using a google search console tools.
  • You can call your blog post.
  • You can target any of your countries using the webmaster tool.
  • You can set the preferred domain.
  • You can check your blog or website indexing status.

2:- Ubersuggest-

Ubersuggest is a very fun tool that can bring your post to the first rank, and its special thing is that it is also a free keyword tool, and it is easy to use it.

You have to put your main keyword in its search box and you tell about many long-tail keywords related to it.

How to use this tool: –

  • First of all you have to go to the site of Ubersuggest and enter your keyword.
  • Suppose I have entered my keyword library book, then within a few seconds, the list of 538 more related suggested keywords will come.
  • And by this, if we click on expand keyword, then the long tail keyword suggestion will show.

3:- Yoast SEO Plugin

A very good feature of the Yoast SEO plugin is that you can also change the meta information of your blogs or pages, there will be a snippet preview in the Yoast SEO meta box which will show you how your blog post will display in the search engine.

You can edit any section by clicking on it, such as meta title, meta description, and permalink.

Keep in mind that this is the best tool for estimation only.

4:- Google Trends-

If you too have to take your blogs to the top five of search engines, then you can use Google Trends tools, this is the best tool to bring blog posts to search engines, so let’s know about the tool, it There is a tool that records every change of time and it is visible to us in the form of a graph. This tool also tells us which keyword has been searched by people and from which location. Here’s what Pay Trends mean- when people like something more then that thing is called in Trending.

5:- Keyword Everywhere-

Keywords Everywhere is a free Keyword Research tool Crome Extensions which is very important for all bloggers because it shows you the useful Google keyword search volume and Cost Per Click data of useful websites.

Whenever you do some search in a Search Engine, the data about it, for which you had to go to Google Keyword Planner, is found here, that means after installing this extension in your Chrome browser, Keyword, which you search in Google, just below that, you will see its Search Volume, Cost Per Click, etc. Data, due to which you will not have to use Google Keyword Planner again.

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