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Hello friends, don’t you have money? Do you want to shop without money? If yes! So you are exactly right place we will talk about Paytm Postpaid, which has just been launched. We will know in detail here what is Paytm postpaid? How to use it? And if we have to do mobile recharge, bill payment or shopping payment, how can we do it?

In the case of offer and latest payment feature, Paytm can not leave anyone behind and it also tries to provide every possible digital payment system to its customers. Today we have countless mobile payment wallets that offer different types of offers so that customers can connect with them, but still, there is no effect on the reputation and popularity of Paytm.

We will understand in detail about how helpful Paytm will be for postpaid customers and how it can be taken advantage of, but before that know that

What is Paytm Postpaid?

Postpaid is a part of the Paytm payment system that provides a feature to the users so that they can take money credit for all the work like mobile recharge, bill, ticket, shopping. That is, Paytm postpaid is a feature that users can take a digital loan by using.

Benefits Of Paytm Postpaid:

It is not that this is the first application for online loans before this many companies have launched this idea, of which Flipkart Cardless Credit Payment is one of the most popular. But each business has its own different way and has its own benefits. With these new features of Paytm, users can take advantage of this method.

Pay Later – अIf you have to purchase online and you do not have money, then this feature can prove to be a boon for you. Because through this you can take instant credit and return next month.

Free credit for up to 37 days – Most credit-giving services want to return the money within 30 days and if customers do not do so, then they have to pay late fees. But this is not the case in Paytm postpaid, it will give customers a full 37 days time to return the money, which will be completely free, there will be no charge in it.

99% Payment Success rate – Often it happens with us that if we are paying with an online credit/debit card, then the payment is not completed or takes too much time. This is because the payment gateway is used to make payments through credit/debit or net banking. But postpaid does not require any type of gateway and hence the payment will never fail.

How to Paytm Postpaid Activate?

This feature has been added to the updated Paytm app for all but is not available for everyone. It is currently in its beta phase, so only a few selected customers have been given.

I am eligible for this and my account has its balance add which I can use.

In such a situation, if you want to activate, then you have to check whether you are eligible for Paytm postpaid or not, to check that you do not need to download any different app.

If you are eligible, its banner will appear on your Paytm App Home page and you can check your credit limit by clicking on it.

If it is not visible, then you will have to go to the profile and click on the Postpaid option and check. If you are eligible, then you have to apply with name, gender, date of birth, email, current address, Aadhar no and PAN details, after that you will get credit to spend limit.

How much credit limit will be available from Paytm postpaid?

As you can see in my account, I have got a credit limit of 12,50 rupees, so how much limit can we get at least and at most and how?

How much credit you will get in postpaid account depends on your account transaction history and ICICI Bank policies. The more transactions in your account, the more credit limit you can get – between Rs 500 and Rs 60,000.

Where can you pay them?

It is a digital payment, so you can use it for online payment. Like to book movies & travel tickets, to recharge mobile and to shop at Paytm mall. If you are thinking that you can transfer this money to the bank, then you are absolutely wrong because this credit balance can be used only for online/offline payment.

Something important FAQs:

When do I have to repay?

If you use credit balance, you will get a statement about its repayment on the 1st of every month and you can repay by the 7th of the month.

How to repay due amount?

If you have an ICICI Bank account, you can link it and repay the account directly. With this, you can also repay with Paytm Wallet, Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card.

Do we have to pay interest?

No, users will not have to pay any kind of interest and will have to return as much credit as they spend. But if the repayment is late than the due date, then a charge will have to be given which are as follows.

Due Amount Late Fee/Month
Upto ₹50 ₹5
₹51-100 ₹10
₹101-500 ₹50
₹501-1000 ₹100
₹1001-2000 ₹200
₹2001-5000 ₹500
Above ₹5000 ₹600

Paytm Postpaid Pros & Cons:

It has many advantages and some disadvantages,

Paytm is the biggest of postpaid that we have Rs. You can get a credit loan of up to 60,000 rupees, which we can use to meet our needs.

With this, no documents were demanded from us except Aadhaar Card and Pan Card and if KYC verification is done for your account, then you do not have to submit anything, we get credit in just one click.

Talking about the loss, the late fees are about 10% of the amount and if we do not repay in time, we will have to pay an extra charge.

Friends, Paytm can activate postpaid, for this you will not have to pay any kind of charge, but before spending the amount that has been added to your account, you must definitely think if you repay it before the next month 7th date. If not, then you will have to repay with charge. If you have any question or suggestion, do comment

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